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This isn't precise, but it can give you a pretty good idea of the retail value of your pork.

Go to your local supermarket get the price for shoulder and rear leg ham (sometimes called Boston Butt). Find the average weight per pound.

Now consider that about 50% of the liveweight of the hog will be in the four primal cuts: the ham, loin, picnic shoulder and Boston butt. These cuts make up 3/4 of the value of the entire carcass. (Source: The Stockman's Handbook.)

Say the average cost of the hams is $2.00 and your liveweight is 260 pounds.

260 times .5 = 130 x $2.00 or $260. That is, a 260 pound live hog should produce about $260 worth of retail hams if the ham averages $2.00 per pound.

To calculate the total you need to factor in the 3/4 value. $260 divided by .75 = $356.67. Thus, the 260 pound liveweight hogs should produce about $350 or so of retail value in all forms of pork, resulting in a retail value of $1.35 per pound liveweight.

Remember that when you take your hogs into the livestock market and see them sell for maybe $.30 to $.40 per pound.

Bear in mind your pork should sell at a premium to supermarket pork since you can guarantee the source and what it had been fed and medicated with.

Ken S. in WC TN
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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