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13 goats in the back of a pickup, in this heat, yep runny noses :) I probably would have just taken the whole 13!

Trim their feet, worm them, check them for lice, and then put them both on a sulfa drug for 5 days. It helps with cocci and also bacterial problems which this is probably bacterial pnemonia. Check their temps everyday, anything over 103 especially if the snot turns green and you can hear them breathing and go back to Tractor Supply and buy their LA200 or other 200mg oxytetracycline. 3cc per 100 pounds every day under the skin until it is gone, then two more days of shots. It could be up to 10 days. It's called shipping fever/pasturella pnemonia. Reworm them in 10 days and also vaccinate. TSC also carries wormers, Ivermectin 1% cattle injectable, syringe it out, take off the needle and give it to them by mouth 2cc per 100 pounds, they also carry Bar Vac CD&T give them 2cc then in 21 days give them 2cc again, then shots yearly. TSC also carries BlueBonnet 12% allgrain, or something similar, also goat food by Dumour, both are wonderful. They also carry loose minerals, look for one with over 1000 ppm of copper in it. They have cool feeders also.

Good luck with the goats, and thanks for rescueing them! Vicki
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