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I'm a silk merchant at Silk Cocoon. I sell everything silk: Silk Men's and Women's Apparel - Silk Bedding - Silk embroidery - Silk beauty care - Silk accessories like sunglasses and jewelry and laundry bags for silk. If you take care of silk, it will take care of you. It's got a little bit of magic in it and it will make you feel enchanted.

I just started my store this month, and some prices are subject to change, some will go up and some will go down. Sign up for the newsletter for special deals on merchandise. If your afraid silk clothing is hard to take care of, just check my blog about how to wash silk.

Silk beauty care products are great for your skin. It's has an anti aging protein in it called sericin that's full of nourishing amino acids. It's activated by moisture and goes to work on your skin right away.

I'm working on getting more merchandise in like silk fabrics- brocade and jacquard. I'm also looking to get silk screen canvases for painting and screen printing. I'm looking forward to meeting with fashion designers and tailors who can make excellent quality silk products.

It's a long journey I'm on, just a seedling of a business. Lots of people try to trample the sprouts when they are just getting started. Competition tries to choke us out while were still young. I've got to stay strong and just get back up when someone steps on me. Then I've got to grow from a seedling to a sapling then a sturdy tree.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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