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If You Have A Shortwave Radio...

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If you have a shortwave radio, you may want to turn it on and listen to it tonight.

I have been monitoring the foreign broadcasts (frequencies between 5.8 - 6.1 MHz and 9.5-10.0 MHz mostly), and the very interesting election coverage from Radio Havana Cuba, Radio Moscow, and other international broadcasters...

Now to see what else I can find on the airwaves........ It's the wrong time, for me to listen directly to stations broadcating from the Middle East tonight.... Now that the election has been called!!
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Radiofish... Any room for extras up there on your hilltop ;-)

All I can say is may God have mercy on us!

Got plenty of military men in my family (on my daddy's side), stretching back to the Revolutionary War :) They're a tenacious bunch of men too.. Granddaddy was too young to serve in the Army during WWII, tried to sneak in anyhow, got sent to the Merchant Marines instead (they'd have kept him if he hadn't been flat footed I think... that's what really did him in). There is nothing more honorable than a man who has served his country (in my humble opinion).

Gun happy ain't a problem in the slightest-- I don't live in Texas for no reason (and am relatively gun happy myself)

Plus... I can cook ;-)

Now the Texas to N.W. California bit, yeah that's a long haul. I suppose I'll hunker down here and hope that we secede before it gets too bad :) *sigh*

Do keep up posted on what you hear. I wonder how long the Obama honeymoon with the rest of the world lasts.

Charisma, I don't know - it is a long haul from Texas to Northwestern Coastal California.... Besides, wouldn't you be afraid of being around a gun happy camoflauge wearing Marine Corps Veteran??

Ernie, I was up till around 2 am Pacific Standard Time, and the Asian Rim countries were happy with the election results. China and Japan are looking forward to the new administration and it's economic policies...

FourDeuce - That was Labor day weekend 1983, when the Russians shot down the Korean Air Liner off of the Soviet coast...I remember that event really well also...

Texican - I betcha' more than a few shots were fired last night, celebrating the election results in those urban areas!!!!!!!
1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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