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If You Have A Shortwave Radio...

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If you have a shortwave radio, you may want to turn it on and listen to it tonight.

I have been monitoring the foreign broadcasts (frequencies between 5.8 - 6.1 MHz and 9.5-10.0 MHz mostly), and the very interesting election coverage from Radio Havana Cuba, Radio Moscow, and other international broadcasters...

Now to see what else I can find on the airwaves........ It's the wrong time, for me to listen directly to stations broadcating from the Middle East tonight.... Now that the election has been called!!
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How did the broadcasts end up, Radiofish?
I've been doing that with newspapers for awhile. I follow British, Indian, Japanese, Israeli, and Saudi publications online. It's amazing the stuff American newspapers don't print, or that will make it on the front page in Israel but only some minor blurb somewhere in an American publication. The different views on the same events are horrific.

We Americans see everything through a very cloudy lens of patriotism. We need to start looking through the clear lens of reality. Now more than ever. Our government is not on our side.
1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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