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If things get really bad I have it covered...

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Today I looked at my big food storage cabinet and thought, "Melissa, you have to clean that mess up!" Things were piled hodge-podge. I had five bags of opened powdered sugar! Once I took everything out, wiped the shelves and started organizing to put it all back in, I realized that in case of severe crisis the Norris household is well-prepared in a few areas. We have ten boxes of tea bags, 12 boxes of those little packets of hot chocolate mix and six brand new gallons of vinegar. I thought to myself, "We are sooooo ready for a depression, economic collapse, unemployment, sickness, just about anything." We have tea, chocolate and the ultimate cure-all...vinegar! ;) :angel:
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I too have excess of pudding boxes and jello it was a great sale. My thinking at the time was with just water or milk from the goat I could provide a welcome treat quick and easy. It is my bribe for if SHTF to make meals of potatoes, pasta, rice and bean and canned up farm animals worth showing up at the table. The funny thing is with out it being SHTF we eat like this now and do not have a "zert" (family word) so why do I feel the need to in the future? I do not know.
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