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If things get really bad I have it covered...

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Today I looked at my big food storage cabinet and thought, "Melissa, you have to clean that mess up!" Things were piled hodge-podge. I had five bags of opened powdered sugar! Once I took everything out, wiped the shelves and started organizing to put it all back in, I realized that in case of severe crisis the Norris household is well-prepared in a few areas. We have ten boxes of tea bags, 12 boxes of those little packets of hot chocolate mix and six brand new gallons of vinegar. I thought to myself, "We are sooooo ready for a depression, economic collapse, unemployment, sickness, just about anything." We have tea, chocolate and the ultimate cure-all...vinegar! ;) :angel:
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What is it about opened bags of powdered sugar? I always find a bunch of those too. I think they breed in the back of my pantry.
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