Identifing minnows for a pond??

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  1. I got a source of minnows, silver and golden shinners, also their is some I cannot identify,---they look like fathead minnows with a bunch of horns or spikes on their forehead, anyone know what they are? Someone said not to stock them because they will kill the bass when they are eaten because they will tear their stomach. they are the same size as the other minnows 3 to 4 inches and if someone can identify them, how big will they grow??
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    May 9, 2002

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    LQ is correct, no spikes or spurs on fathead minnows. In this part of the country there aren't any minnows sold like that, it could be bullheads mixed in the bunch? Or it might be creek chubs. What colour are they? Dark? Light?
    We usually purchase crappie minnows and fatheads for our pond so there's a mix of varieties to reproduce and for the different sized fish.

  4. Thanks LQ it looks like Creek Chubs with the tubercles on the nose to eyes, very good site you gave on state pa. Thank you