Idaho/Berk cross for rotational grazing

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    I have an opportunity to get a Idaho Pasture Pig boar that I would cross with my Berks. Im looking for a pig that I could rotational graze on pasture and not have a lot of pasture repair after. We are in northern CA so depending on rain etc we get 1x use of an area and it needs to rest at least 9 months before next rotation.

    I went to see the boar and it was amazing in that he just ate grass and did not disrupt his pasture at all. I finish my Berks in 9 months (very little pasture and lots of other stuff) and Im ok with this time frame, but I would not want it to take much more. Even when I did more commercial varieties it still took the same time.

    What kid of snout would a IPP boar crossed with a Berk sow make? Im looking for the shorter IPP snout for less pasture damage.

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    They are a composite breed that uses Berkshire if I remember correctly, if so crossing with a Berkshire should give you close to the same shape of face. The bad thing with genetics is we are never certain until we see the litter. The bad thing with OPP is there is not a standard cross to make the supposed breed.
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