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Ice cubes

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Typical guy:
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Especially when it s 106f in the shade he loves his ice cubes. So do I. We don't eat the hard ones, at least I don't, I wait for them to soften a bit. He doesn't care. And he doesn't eat them quietly. Oh no, the louder he can crunch them the better. If the wife gives me a growl look I can easily blame Bubba. Or vv.

He's a cool guy. We cooperate in other ways too.
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Our dogs enjoy playing with an ice cube on hardwood floors (they slip and slide away from them).
We just filled some muffin tins with water and corn, and another with water and meat and froze them. The chickens love the cold treats and the dogs have an indoor "bone".
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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