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I want to build a Pole Barn Home, I have questions

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I am a 66 year old widow. The home I have is no longer suitable for me and I plan to build a smaller home on one level. I have talked to 2 or 3 building contractors and it is going to cost me around $90,000 for an 850 sq. ft. home built the traditional way. I have considered having a 6 inch concrete slab poured and have a Morton building built on it and then have a builder come in and build the inside rooms. Has anybody else done this? If so, is it cheaper than building the traditional home? When my husband and I build our home years ago, we did a LOT of the work ourselves but I am not able to do that now so everything would have to be built by somebody else. I don't care about a fancy home but I would like a well built home that is warm and comfortable. Any suggestions? Thanks for any help.
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