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I think she is pregnant :(

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The true pygmy I got a few months ago, from the lady I bought Mr. Nasty stinky buck from seems to be pregnant :flame: It is the one goat I did not want to be pregnant.
The reason she is even here at my house is because her mom died giving birth to the big headed icky buck's kids. She was all alone and that lady did not want to get anymore goats.
Ok maybe she did something incorrect since she never had goats before and the mom was in labor for over 12 hours and so forth. But the buck still was bigger than her and her mom.
I thought she was getting some pygmy fat on her because my girls who are pregnant are still getting some grain. I have been limiting her to a very small handful so she will leave them alone. But now she is getting a bag and her stomach is larger. I will post a picture as soon as my camera's memory card is emptied.
She is a year old, have no clue when she would be due. I do not know if she got pregnant where she lived before or here. I tried so hard to keep him away from her.
What should I be looking for? If the kids are too big, what should I do? Any advice would be great. Thanks
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If she aborts late term, the kid will sometimes be born still moving and the mother is more likely to hang around and mourn it. Our doe that this happened to came into milk.

If you decide to let her carry to term, it might be a good idea to call around now and find out which vets do C-sections, how much it will cost, and whether they will do it at night or on weekends. Write down the info and post the two or three best candidates who will do it anytime. You need to ask if they have experience doing C-sections on goats, because anesthesia is tricky. If you can't pay for the C-section and she labors and you can't get the kid out (I can't imagine how hard it would be to fit my hand/arm into a Pygmy- yearling Alpines are bad enough!), then you need to have a plan for putting her down if it comes to that. Sorry to sound hardnosed...but it really is better to be prepared than top be frantically casting about for options at the last minute.
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