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I Should've Checked Out Those Garden Catalogs First

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I wish I knew a month ago what I know today. Back in January, I ordered over $300 worth of nursery and garden plants from mail order companies such as Burgess Seed, Gurney's, and Henry Fields without checking them out first. Today, after a frustrating phone call with Burgess over my $186 order, I stumble across this website

On Garden Watchdog, gardeners can rate and comment on their experiences with all the gardening mail order companies. Unfortunately, it seems that I sent my money to the worst of the worst. Now, I'm praying that I won't become one of those folks that will end up leaving negative feedback. I just can't hardly believe some of the bad experiences people have had with them. It's worth your time to take a look. I'm wishing I had.
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I've got my fingers crossed for you Steve. Thanks for posting the link...very interesting.
Steve, Call and cancel your orders and get refunds, and start over. I had to do this with Gurney's several years ago when they were bought out and their service fell in the basement. Got my $$ back and never have dealt with them since.
I guess they must like me. I ordered from a number of places this year (shumway, gurney, fields among others) and all my orders arrived sooner then stated and with everything exactly as ordered.

A co-worker ordered from Burgess last year and was very unhappy with her order. Like you, she'd ordered over $140 worth of plants, and they were delivered in dribs and drabs, some dead, some slimy and almost dead. Some arrived in late October, and our ground is already frozen! If there is any way you can get your money back, that's what I would do. I doubt that you'll be happy with your order.
I have not sent it yet but I had planned on ordering from Burgess as well. I have talked to a couple of my neighbors and they have used them with good results so they said. I think that ordering from mail companies is one time I do use a credit card as at least I have another way of getting my bucks back by writning the credit card company. Has anyone had good results from Burgess?
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