I resigned from 3 other vet sites....

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    May 12, 2002
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    ....to devote full attention here. The other sites were just pits of apethey, a clique of like minded people, gripeing about whos in office or the VAs inadequateness. They were not accomplishing anything, they did not seek any input out of their known place in the system. It only took a couple of months to see who was the bully, who was the whinner; each playing a role they had secured. All avioding anything productive; that will not be the case here. This site is set up with all readers in mind, the vet, the soon to be vet, the friends and family of those who serve. What effects one effects all, in one way or another. All things are cross linked, I see this site as a place for those cross links to 'pivot'.

    We need input from those now serving in conflict areas; if you have knowledge of someone active in the military, please point out this site to them. Let them descide if this would be of interest to them. It is possible that we can help them steer away from long term permanate problems if they realize that there are careing people standing up here and now.
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    Jan 25, 2004
    I just posted a question on another thread about families of military. But if I had read your post first I would of known the answer..sorry...

    I'm in touch with my children's Dad who is serving in the Mideast. I don't know how it is for others, but his e-mail seems to go down alot and then back up for short periods at a time. I am assuming that this happens because of training in communications and things do have to be that way.
    Anyways, these people who are overseas don't always have a way of seeing a forum like this one, so they may not know this new one is here. But they will be back and after the newness of being home wears off, they will be looking for someone to talk too. So I hope this site hangs around for them. Thanks.

    Stray Cat :)