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I QUIT! Shortcake died last night and now pink eye?!?!

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I left work early and on my way happened to pass the vet clinic where the guy i said only works on cows and horses and the vets dad was in town!! GOAT DOCTOR! so i stopped and begged him to come by, he retired two years ago and moved but is wonderful... anyways he came out and looked at her and said he could get her going but she wouldn't make it for long... but since i was losing composure he did tube her and we got some food into her and he gave her some shots and some type of tab. he then told me that he was not charging me... he told my husband that the goat was missing something since birth and there was nothing anyone could do. that being said shortcake died over night... about 3 my LGD started freaking out and all the babies started crying... went outside any she was gone.

Same time i went to check on her i was looking around and noticed my COCO was away from all the others and when i went into the fence she ran into it.. her eyes where swollen shut, i pulled them open and they were white!! and then i started looking and one of the others eyes where runny and pink, I called Gary (vets dad again) and he said face flies can do that with all the rain we have had here... (a month straight it has rained everyday) but they were fine earlier i played with them yesterday! the vet brought some "puffer" and BIO MITICEN? and said she may not have lost her vision all the way vet if we can get it controlled now. he said everyone his son knows has been having a year like mine cause of the weather here... I'm about to give up.
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Sorry to hear about your troubles. :(

I'm in Arkansas too, and it sure has been raining like crazy. Looks like we're in for some drier weather now though.

I would give the goats good doses of garlic, no matter what you do. One of mine got pink eye a while back and I used some supertonic (a garlic, onion, habanero pepper, horseradish and ginger w/ ACV mix) and it sure clears it up well. Actually I gave it to her for 2 days and it had cleared up, so I discontinued it. Then it came back worse the next day. I am really bad about lacking in follow through. So I started giving it to her again and in a couple days it was gone, but I kept giving it a little longer.
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