I need info on apple trees

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    Aug 17, 2003
    I just planted 13 apple trees I got on sale. I think they are properly watered and fertilized. Now I need better info on how to take care of them. Like some of the leaves have brown spots, I don't know what causes that or what to do about it. But I also need a good general purpose reference. Does anybody have any suggestions as far as a book or online resource.
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    Oct 13, 2002
    The best free source of information I've found is cooperative extension websites. Do a search for the one in your state so the information is more suited to your climate. They usually have the booklets they sell online, if not check with other states close to you. Most of them are in pdf format so make sure you have Acrobat Reader installed on your computer.


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    Feb 24, 2003
    frank do you have any Red Cedar Trees close to your Apple Trees,that would be cause of your brown spots.

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  4. great book! The backyard orchardist by Stella Otto.
  5. Clariffication?
    How long have you had the trees? Could it just be transplant shock?
    If not.
    Are they large or small? light brown and recessed or dark and inset? Do they go all the way through or are they only on the top part of the leaf? Are the leaves curled up at the tips? are they dry and crunchy?
    are the spots irregular? A picture would be really helpful. Do they have any purpulish edges to them? do the leaves then turn yellow and fall off Is it just the leaves or are they're other things too? i.e. corky or netted spots on the fruit or lesions or smutty fungalish growth on the twigs or branches?
    Cedar Apple Rust is usually characterised by yellow orange spots on the
    underside of the leaf and the calyx end of your apple , also raised yellow orange blisters on fruit and leaves. The Cedar Apple Rust spots really look like odd colored chicken pocks- at least thats what it looks like here in the Pacific Northwest. GardensAlive.com used to have a great disease library pages thing - very clear pictures - you could check if it's still there? Good luck! ps? What kinda apples? Cider? Eating? cooking?