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I own a mobile home has sat vacant and I need to move back into it. Everything works in it including the electric, water, gas, etc... It has propane for heat and a wood stove. The price of the propane is very high to heat the entire 1440 square foot trailer. We used the wood stove in previous years to heat the entire mobile home and it did an excellent except the temperature sometimes hit the teens which is rare in Arkansas. When we put the wood stove in years ago, my dad put it through the wall instead of through the ceiling. We always braced the pipe to the side of the mobile home and above the ceiling. We are single mothers with no men anymore. The pipe is rusted and want to put it lower than the ceiling because it's so hard to put up. It stretches out past the outside wall of the mobile home at least three feet. I've tried to google this and the only answer talks about putting a pipe so many feet above the roof when the stove goes through the ceiling. Since mine goes through the side wall, I need someone on here to tell me if I can just put a short piece of pipe on top of the elbow, stick a rain cap on it, and be done. Is there any reason why it has to go above the ceiling of the mobile home?
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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