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To start things off, I am asking for prayers for DS14. He's a bit of a handful, and I got the dreaded 3am phone call from my ex husband (my son had lived with him since July). My son is in need of a LOT of prayer....which brings me to this--

Sometime earlier last year, I had regained my belief in God. It also led to my baptism a few months ago. Talking to my son last night, I found myself asking him when the last time was that he had prayed or even talked to God. He gave the usual "lost" answer--"It would do me no good, etc.". We talked for a few minutes and the conversation got quickly changed by my son.

When I am relating this story to my mom earlier this afternoon, she "woo-hoo!'ed" that I've gotten older and wiser enough to discuss God again...:rolleyes: LOL! Not so sure if age or wisdom had anything to do with it, but my mom is happy I've returned to church! :sing:
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