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I made something..?!

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Well I have been experimenting with my milk...I took 2 cups of milk warmed it to room temp added 1/4 cup of buttermilk and put it in a quart jar and shook. I let my concoction sit on the pellet stove (it doesn't get hot on top) for 12+ hours...this morning I had a thick milk, put it in the fridge and cooled it. It tastes like a very sour, sour cream but the consistency is a bit fact it won't stick to a spoon but slides or slithers off....I don't know what I made.
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put it through some cheasecloth and call it sour cream.
Last week I followed a recipe in the dairy section for mozzarella. Whatever I's wasn't mozzarella and no one was willing to eat it. BUT~ I also attempted to make "whey ricotta" out of the whey~ this didn't look quite right either...but what do I know? So I put it through the cheascloth to drain....and got what looked and tasted like sourcream. So I tasted it...and when I didn't have food poisoning 48 hours later the rest of the family chose to have some too!
Well my son tasted it...he gagged. My daughter tasted it...she puckered and thought it was extremely DH won't touch anything made out of goats I don't know what to do with it, the texture gets me, it may become a topping for dog food.
Dogs and chickens always like my cheese making mistakes.
Just made a new observation.. If you stick your finger in the "stuff" said finger comes out clean!
Well I give you alot of credit for trying, I have never tried to make any cheese or sour cream. Heck I don't even want to milk my goats unless I really need to for the goats sake that is.

I wouldn't give up just yet! Have you been to the dairy section here on HT to see what folks there say to do?
I think the temp was too high.

I make cheese mistakes, too.:eek:
Alice-it wasn't cheese, it was supposed to be a sour cream type product, which I think it might have been successful but if the texture is like that all the time, I won't make ever again...I have done the too high temp before and then the curds break into nothing. I am now going to try and press vinegar cheese, I read on another forum that you can press it down and make a hard cheese, but in it you layer things like peppers, herbs etc, so it would go curds, peppers, curds, peppers etc and then press down and then fill until your mold is clear full. I will let you know how it works.
I suggest "The Home Creamery" and "Goats Produce Too" It'll give you a better idea of temperatures and cultures to make different dairy products. All that really differs in different dairy products is temperature, cultures and molds.

Just my $0.02
Thanks HWCA! I need to make a cheese supply order and will order a book too. I make vinegar cheese all the time, I just get tired of the same old stuff all the time, so some new products are needed.
I've had that exact thing happen. It's like slime.Just a nasty texture. Didn't taste bad. I have tried different yogurts and buttermilks from the stores around here for a starter. Some would become slimy. Not the first time I cultured it but maybe the second generation, I got slime. Now I have a culture from a cheap brand and it is the best. I've kept it going for months, never any slime. It is a yogurt culture not a buttermilk culture. I think it was Lucerne from Safeway.
Thanks Laverne, I am heading to safeway in about 10 minutes..will try the lucerne brand.
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