I LOVE every cotton pickin' minute of the holidays!

Discussion in 'Countryside Families' started by RoseGarden, Nov 20, 2006.

  1. RoseGarden

    RoseGarden Well-Known Member

    Jun 5, 2005
    I'm not rich, I'm not even lower-middle class. In fact, I barely get by. I don't buy tons of presents. In fact, I only buy token gifts for my parents and two nephews and a niece, who are children. I do some cooking and give food gifts. I sew and give quilts. Whatever.

    BUT I LOVE EVERY SINGLE MINUTE OF THE HOLIDAY SEASON. I watch all the Charlie Brown cartoons, and Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer and How the Grinch Stole Christmas for about the 40th time. You betcha I do. I go do all the church stuff--live nativity, food drives, caroling at the retirement center. THOSE are the things that make the holidays the holidays to me. Yep, I enjoy every minute of it.
  2. Bink

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    Apr 13, 2003
    Beautiful Kentucky
    Well, good.

  3. Speciallady

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    May 10, 2002
    ME TOOO!!!!

    I am so psyched this year.
  4. FiddleKat

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    Oct 22, 2004
    East Tennessee
    RoseGarden I am right there with ya!
    I still love watching Rudolph, Grinch and all those other shows. It brings back fond memories of my childhood.
    My parents always went all out for Christmas, decorating, gift giving. Even though they didn't have much money either. Christmas was the one day a year that us kids got presents, and lots.
    One year my parents wrapped all our kids presents in the same themed paper! And then placed tiny name tags on them so we had to search out each others presents first before opening.
  5. Peacock

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    Apr 12, 2006
    SW Ohio
  6. mightybooboo

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    Feb 10, 2004
    So Cal Mtns
    I like em a lot more now that I do them on my terms,and not societies commercial terms.It isnt a shopping bonanza for business,and Im not falling for it anymore.

    Much more enjoyable now.

  7. MorrisonCorner

    MorrisonCorner Mansfield, VT for 200 yrs

    Jul 27, 2004
    I usually have a budget... and then proceed to blow through it and then some. This year we are in the middle of a crisis and that option is simply not available. We went shopping yesterday and got all the holiday stuff done. In virtually no traffic and while we saw things and thought "oh, so and so would like that..." it was actually LESS stressful to look at the cash and know that unless it did a loaves and fishes thing (it didn't) we weren't going to get it. In the past I probably would have bought it, knowing we couldn't afford it, but would figure out how to pay for it "later."

    I was surprised. I'm usually pretty anal about a budget, the holidays are the exception, and I thought I'd feel sad or deprived with the limited amount we had to spend this year. Instead it was more fun to go shopping.

    Go figure.
  8. Melissa

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    Apr 15, 2002
    SE Ohio
    Yes MC, limits are often liberating!
  9. Cheryl in SD

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    Apr 22, 2005
    South Dakota
    We spent most of our lives not celebrating Christmas. We do now and love it. We don't spend much and maybe that is why we enjoy it so much. I love the music, the decorations, even the bustle. I like best the memories we are making with our kids. I am with you Rose!
  10. hengal

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    Mar 7, 2005
    North Central Indiana
    I'm with you too Rose! I just love it. I could put up my tree now. DH and I also both watch ALL the holiday toons - Charlie Brown, Rudolph, etc. We love them! Of course the boys ( 18 & 20) think we're a bit odd, thats okay though. Seems like so many people complain about the early store ads, the commercialization of the holiday... I say, so what? I don't mind all that stuff because thats not how we celebrate at home - we know the real reason we celebrate the holiday - each and every day of the year. :happy: :happy: :happy:
  11. belladulcinea

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    Jun 21, 2006
    N.E. Oklahoma
    I love this time of the year. My family loves to make gifts and since most of my presents are bought I'm starting on my handmade gifts. We always do our gift buying along the lines of where we are economically. That's how my parents did it too. One of the broke college students was lamenting not being able to spend much at Christmas and I reminded her about the family rule, do what you can but don't kill yourself financially over it. So, she's gotten her sewing machine out, ransacked her nana and I for extra stuff and is working on her gifts. She's a design major so I will be excited to see what she's designed. When she was little she would do coupon books for housecleaning and chores around the house. The boy would have his papa help him do a wood craft, he still marvels that we all still have the things he made at 12.

    I love this time of the year and I don't care what the "roots" of the holiday are, I celebrate the greatest gift ever given to me!
  12. Queen Bee

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    Apr 6, 2004
    OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, I LOVE Christmas, I love decorating, I love the music, I love that almost everyone seems to be in a better mood. I love the packages and bows, I love the cold wet (snow -when we are lucky enough to get any), I love the smell of evergreens, I love the taste of homemade cookies and the mess that you have to clean up after making them, I love playing cards w/ my kids and their families/mates/friends, I love the shiny balls from long ago hanging on the tree and filling my huge vase. I love holly, pinecones and mistletoe..... I love when friends call or come by just to say hi. I love the cards that I choose, send and recieve. I love the cool nights, that makes me happy I have someone I love to cuddle with.... Did I say I love Christmas....Happy holidays....