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i hope they survivve (grapevines)

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well last year I had to dig up some grapevines and move them cause we sold the property over our property line to new people (was inlaws) and so i had to move the grapes on my line fence, as they would have been all on their side when they ripened..they seemed to have survived.

and this year here i go again, with different grape vines.

i have a large propane tank and I had a screen on 2 sides of it to kinda hide it from the fron't yard view..and I had 2 really lovely grape vines (seedless grapes) growing on it..well we are changing propane companies and we have to remove the tank and the screen of thus i figured, in case this happens more than once..i probably should move those vines too

yesterday I dug up the two huge vines..lost a lot of i just don't know

moved them to a "Permanent" spot in the rear garden i've been reclaiming..and planted them with a lot of water and a lot of composted manure..and pruned back everything on each vine to one trunk and said a prayer.

hopefully they will do really well in the new area (less competition and more sunlight and manure and water)...we had an overnight rain so they got watered 3 times so far..since i planted them yesterday (twice by me)

one can hope that they'll recover..
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