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I hate doctors

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OK, here's a long story. I had a splinter in my foot for about 10 years. Never could take it out. It started to sort of lump, or boil where some fluids retained and filled this lump of liquid on the bottom of the foot, and it is painful to step on. I went to a podiatrist surgeon. At first he said that he had never seen anything like this in his entire life and sent me to the MRI. After the MRI, which showed nothing (duh, there is only liquid there) he said he would perform the surgery, but he would be very careful, quote, "not to damage the nerves". I am very uncomfortable with him doing the surgery, mind you, he has 20 years of experience, but his remarks made me very leery.

My question is, does anyone know of a remedy to draw liquid out of the cavity that is covered by a thick skin, such as on the bottom of your foot? This might sound gory, but I don't want to pay this guy $10,000 for the unknown results. Thank you. God Bless.:flame:
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my first thought would be to soak your foot in warm epsom salt water, and then put some sort of drawing salve on it.
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