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I fell of the Diet!!

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After cheating A couple of meals last week, I Am needing to Start again, As I failed, I had 3 B L T's with Mayo in one day.. I know SHAME on ME!! But I did buy Extra Juices this week to help Flush out the Toxcins.. I got Tampico brand its Orange Lime and Tangirine juices mixed cost $1.29 cents at H E B, The Cranberry is 2 half gallons for $4.00 That will last As long as I get the Gallon of Water Everyday!!
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Hi james dilley,
I agree with Wr..very good suggestions there. You haven't failed just because you gave in one day. We all have done that. The point is you want to succeed and you keep trying. *** Isn't it nice that the Homesteaders here give us so much encouragement. It sure helps to be able to talk with folks that understand and care and encourage us. A big thank you to all.. Patsy
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