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I fell of the Diet!!

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After cheating A couple of meals last week, I Am needing to Start again, As I failed, I had 3 B L T's with Mayo in one day.. I know SHAME on ME!! But I did buy Extra Juices this week to help Flush out the Toxcins.. I got Tampico brand its Orange Lime and Tangirine juices mixed cost $1.29 cents at H E B, The Cranberry is 2 half gallons for $4.00 That will last As long as I get the Gallon of Water Everyday!!
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Do not beat yourself up over this, you did not fail! Look where you were and where your going. One day does not make a failure. If it did we would all be miserable.
Buck up buckaroo and get back on track! I know how hard it is (trust me, I really know)
Peace and blessings for much success.
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