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I already am much pleased by the egg laying abilities of
my black australorp hens and their ideal quiet nature and
they love foraging free range as well as do well penned.
I hatched a bunch 3 rd generation this season have some
surplus roosters, so at 12 weeks I butchered them. My
plucking machine was slick and fast cleaning down to a
smooth whit carcass very pleasing. The breast full though
not as big as Cornish, but I expect that. Leg/thigh a bit bigger
but we prefer dark chic meat anyway. Cooked one and it was
Excellent eating. Dressed weight 7 to 8 pound ideal roaster.

This pretty much closes the circle for me to affirm why I like
this dual purpose breed do much. The chicks hatched also are
adorable and easy to raise. Hardier than Cornish. I never worry
losing any from crowding or lameness. Even the tiniest chick
mixed with older ones ate, grew and live happily as a flock !
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