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I am really interested

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I am really interested in raising meat bunnies.
If I got one male and a female, would that give me enough to grow meat for myself (am alone) and maybe share with others?
Would love input on how many to a litter, how many litters a year, etc.
Am not squeamish to butchering as I butcher my own hens.
I am planning next for next year and will be outside on back porch so as they will have protection from the elements.
Can anyone tell me how to get started? I will build my own hutch so I need to build big enough for their family. Is a 2.5'w x 6'L and 2.5' H big enough?
Where is the best place to buy and what breed is best?

Any help would sure be appreciated.
Thank you in advanced

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MaggieJ and cathleenc

Thanks so much for your advice.
Yes I want to keep it small because it is only me that needs the meat right now.

I do need to seek a breeder and the closest I found is in Oregon and Utah. I would love to take a trip to these two in the spring and see how things are done and maybe buy from them.
Been checking craig's list and there are a few hutches and bunnies on there but are listed pet bunnies.
Another question, I use to hunt for rabbit when younger, aren't all rabbits good to eat?
I thought you could eat them all. I know the wild ones are edible.

You can eat all rabbits. But some are too small to mess with in my opinion. I dont' want to dress a 2 lb rabbit and just get a small amount of meat.
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