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I am really interested

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I am really interested in raising meat bunnies.
If I got one male and a female, would that give me enough to grow meat for myself (am alone) and maybe share with others?
Would love input on how many to a litter, how many litters a year, etc.
Am not squeamish to butchering as I butcher my own hens.
I am planning next for next year and will be outside on back porch so as they will have protection from the elements.
Can anyone tell me how to get started? I will build my own hutch so I need to build big enough for their family. Is a 2.5'w x 6'L and 2.5' H big enough?
Where is the best place to buy and what breed is best?

Any help would sure be appreciated.
Thank you in advanced

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I'd also like to point out that when searching for breeding stock, you need to ask how the bloodline produces, not just go by breed name.

Depending on what the breeder was selecting for, New Zealand Blacks, or Rex, or Silver Fox or any large meat breed might turn out to be a better producer than the traditional New Zealand White or Californian.

I once purchased a half a dozen NZW does that never produced more than 5-6 kits per litter and refused to breed back until the previous litter was weaned at 6 weeks. And YES, they were from a show breeder. Not having known that there was variation WITHIN breeds, I assumed all NZW produced 10-12 kits per litter and would breed back at 10 days. Which is not true at all!

I have black New Zealand does who are begging to be bred by 5 months of age, produce 13-14 kits per litter and raise at least 9-10 kits to fryer size in 8 weeks. But most people refuse to buy them because they have read on the internet that WHITE New Zealands and Californians are the best.

Don't be misled by the label :) Ask about the results!

Added: Don't take this the wrong way, I'm not slagging show breeders - *I* breed for show quality. But if a rabbit isn't ALSO producing well, they don't stay in my barn!
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