I am ready to get rid of this cat!

Discussion in 'Working and Companion Animals' started by ginnie5, Jan 17, 2007.

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    Jul 15, 2003
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    we have a cat that used to be indoors. She now lives outside due to the fact that she pees/poops anywhere inside....regardless of how clean her litterbox is. she's healthy too. We went to the inlaws this past weekend and when we came back Sunday evening in the process of bringing stuff in from the van the cat got in the house. She was in maybe 15 minutes. The door was open most of that time so she could've gotten out if she wanted. When I got ready to go to bed that night I smelled it. Cat mess. Looked and couldn't find it. so last night it was kinda chilly and I pulled out extra blanket out of the closet floor. Found it! That blasted cat in those few minutes she was inside went in there and peed on it. I think I'm going to open the door and stand there with a water gun to teach her NOT to come in anymore. So now on top of the mountain of laundry I have to wash this blanket. I used to love cats like crazy but this one has made me think that they are not all they're cracked up to be.
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    I couldn't deal with that either Ginnie. Luckily our cat that lived indoors for a while got the idea of going outside to potty. We then got rid of his litter box, and he's not looked back since. We allow him to come in and nap and so on, but he spends the nights outside, no sense tempting fate.

    Although I forgot to put him out one night, and he woke me around 7 a.m. meowing and meowing. I got out of bed and he went straight out, so maybe he's trustworthy.

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    I can understand the fustration. We have 3 cats, one that ----es/poops everywere. She happens to 22 years old. I don't know how much longer we can live with this, LOL only for the last 5 years, then there is the black cat that claws on everything. Then the third one that is just plain mean. I know I will never have another cat, but I took them on and I quess, I'll have to live with my stupid choices. Or figure out how to give them away to some unexpecting soul. :nono: But it was a thought. :)
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    Some cats (and dogs) just never comply to training. They just don't "get it" because they have a different type personality. I used to believe that any cat or a dog could be trained, but I found out over the years , there are some that just won't take to training.
    I have one now that is good at litter box, but she is so "clingy". I can' t move without her on my heels or "cutting me off on my way to wherever". She is driving me up a wall. I can't do anything without her meowing and she will scratch me when running around in a playful mood. My feet are always at risk. I just decided to find her another home. I like to enjoy a pet, not be overly stressed by one.
    I think this kitty will be a perfect barn cat. She would love to have the freedom to live in the barn and chase everything in site and sleep in the hay or feed bins. And attack other cats. :)
    My other cat was very independant, but not good with litter box, so he got trained to go outside, which he loved. So no problem after that. He was a nice companion. Loved to be inside for awhile and always let me know when he wanted out. I feel I need to find another kitty with similar personality.
    Pets are a lot like people with many different personalities. ...Patsy
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    Boy, can I ever sympathize with you! We got a second cat, and the first one has decided she doesn't want to share the litter box and has begun peeing everywhere...and it's just not acceptable when everywhere happens to be on clean laundry! The second cat has been here since August, so it's not an issue of adjustment time.

    Esther hides all day in the closet so we never see her. This isn't new since the other cat, it's just the way she is. She'll come out for half an hour in the evening, then we don't see her again until the following evening. But she must come out while we're gone, because she pees all over the place while we're out! DH is at the end of his rope, and I dare say I am at this point, too. I suppose we'd look at more options for rehabilitating her habits if she were a social cat and would spend time with us, but golly, we've had her for five years and barely even know her!