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I’m a Fence Pro at Bekaert, ask me anything about wire fence installation.

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Sky Cloud Plant Tree Fence

Hi! I am a fence pro at Bekaert Fencing. I'll be here on Monday, May 15th to answer any questions you have on wire fence installation.

As is the case with all Bekaert experts, I am a fencing fanatic. At Bekaert, we are passionate about fencing, and our first priority is making sure your fencing project is a successful experience.

We know each fencing project brings its own unique set of challenges - and we are here to help!

So please join me next Monday, May 15th for a Q&A session. I'll be on throughout the day and will try and answer all of your questions.

Looking forward to joining the conversation!
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There is a specific business forum on HT.
Homestead Construction is ok. Better than GC.
I have full size Nubians.

4' woven wire on t-posts, with a hot wire around the top.

Been at this for almost 15 years now, and this is the fence that works best for me.
Goats will hang themselves in that.

Good point! Thanks, @Alice In TX/MO !
I am going to merge some posts from another thread for @Bekaert_Fencing so they can join in the convo.

Were they unable to join in the conversation before?
It was another thread from the site with some questions about Bekaert products.

I figured we have the expert here so they can chime in.


I only asked because the sales thread really doesn't seem to have much in common with the thread you moved. It wasn't about those specific products at all, actually.
I have a fence question.

Why can't you get locust fence posts anymore. Those posts held up longer than the fencing that was attached to them.
Hedge was good, too. I think I can still get some hedge apples if you want to try to grow some of them. Just plant them in a line where you want a fence. Takes a few years, but they last darned near forever.

Good firewood, too.
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We use mobile electric netting at a 4-ft minimum. They also make 6-ft.
Is that the fencing available from Premier?
Yep, they both are! Haven't personally purchase the -6foot, but I think I will get a couple rolls.
A neighbor mentioned that she is using Premier fencing for her recently acquired sheep. Think I'll mosey over there some time this week, take a look at her set up.
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I have used Premier One or Kencove electric net fencing for years.

Here in one of the oilfield regions of Texas, we use large pipeline tubing (cemented in place) for corner posts on long runs.

Cedar posts and T posts are the normal posts. Cedar will outlast any treated pine by decades.
I'm not familiar with Kencove. Are they still in business?
The fencing around one of my gardens is crooked. It's not my fault, there were tree roots and big cement chunks where I wanted to put my posts.
Just adds to the charm. ;)
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