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I’m a Fence Pro at Bekaert, ask me anything about wire fence installation.

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Hi! I am a fence pro at Bekaert Fencing. I'll be here on Monday, May 15th to answer any questions you have on wire fence installation.

As is the case with all Bekaert experts, I am a fencing fanatic. At Bekaert, we are passionate about fencing, and our first priority is making sure your fencing project is a successful experience.

We know each fencing project brings its own unique set of challenges - and we are here to help!

So please join me next Monday, May 15th for a Q&A session. I'll be on throughout the day and will try and answer all of your questions.

Looking forward to joining the conversation!
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Unless you are trying to protect food plots or a garden, I wouldn't focus on restricting the deer right now.
Build your second fence now, meaning, do not put up temporary "gudnuff" fencing. Your goats will learn how to get thru it quickly and they will not forget. I use t posts every 6', 6' tall, with a wooden post every 4th post. I run a hot wire for everything; my preference is poly wire, 12" off the ground and then 30" and 48".
You can also run your top wire (non electrified) thru 1 1/2" pvc pipe (or larger). It will spin when contacted and prevent dogs, predators, and some goats from going over the top.
Some goats have more of an "Escape from Alcatraz" mentality than others, so breed can matter.
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