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I’m a Fence Pro at Bekaert, ask me anything about wire fence installation.

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Sky Cloud Plant Tree Fence

Hi! I am a fence pro at Bekaert Fencing. I'll be here on Monday, May 15th to answer any questions you have on wire fence installation.

As is the case with all Bekaert experts, I am a fencing fanatic. At Bekaert, we are passionate about fencing, and our first priority is making sure your fencing project is a successful experience.

We know each fencing project brings its own unique set of challenges - and we are here to help!

So please join me next Monday, May 15th for a Q&A session. I'll be on throughout the day and will try and answer all of your questions.

Looking forward to joining the conversation!
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Great stuff, thanks all!
I've got lots of reading to do and really appreciate the guidance.
If you're near a coast and a fishing fleet, discarded trawling nets can be hung in the trees and staked to the ground. You can make the height whatever you want ... 20', 30'.

Deer won't jump it. You can buy miles of that stuff for not much.
Goats will hang themselves in that.

Good point! Thanks, @Alice In TX/MO !
You don't have to use the same fencing for deer and goats. Nets can be used to extend the height of the goat fence.
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Hedge was good, too. I think I can still get some hedge apples if you want to try to grow some of them. Just plant them in a line where you want a fence. Takes a few years, but they last darned near forever.

Good firewood, too.
In the fifty year test a college conducted creosoted posts had started to rot. The only post that was still good was hedge (osage orange).
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Why were the posts about using fish net to block deer moved?
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