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I’m a Fence Pro at Bekaert, ask me anything about wire fence installation.

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Sky Cloud Plant Tree Fence

Hi! I am a fence pro at Bekaert Fencing. I'll be here on Monday, May 15th to answer any questions you have on wire fence installation.

As is the case with all Bekaert experts, I am a fencing fanatic. At Bekaert, we are passionate about fencing, and our first priority is making sure your fencing project is a successful experience.

We know each fencing project brings its own unique set of challenges - and we are here to help!

So please join me next Monday, May 15th for a Q&A session. I'll be on throughout the day and will try and answer all of your questions.

Looking forward to joining the conversation!
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justinHHH, check out the Goat forum - lots of great information there....You may want to repost your question there also.
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