Husband surprised me yesterday!!!

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    Aug 27, 2002
    My husband surprised me by showing how much he supports my desire to lose weight, get in shape, and run a marathon in September 2006.

    For my birthday the other night he gave me a Runners World magazine and said I had a one year subscription. The subject of this particular issue was MARATHON training!

    Then on Christmas morning he gave me the one thing I'd kind of hinted for but didn't expect because of the cost (and gas to get there). He purchased a 3 month membership at the YMCA. He knew I wanted to continue training but have a real hard time running in temperatures below 25! In fact - the only thing on my Christmas "wish" list was some cold weather running clothes.

    But this 3 month membership is better because I can work other body parts while running daily regardless of the weather. I'll still run outside as that's the best training -- but the treadmill and bikes will help when I can't.

    :) I"m so happy. Not just for the YMCA membership - -- but that my husband actually thought about what is so important to me at this juncture in my life and is showing his support. That in itself was a true Christmas gift.

    Thanks for letting me share........