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    Jun 7, 2004
    In the northern sections of the country where hummingbirds come for the summer; how long do you keep putting food out for them?
  2. Pony

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    Jan 6, 2003
    They really are active right now! My MIL feeds them religiously, and has actually added a few extra feeders for the migration.

    Usually, we see about 4 or 5 of them. Last weekend, there were at least a dozen of the little hummers merrily sipping sugar water from the long string of feeders. I agree with WIHH: These little birds are smart, and are probably already on the migration, and they got word from the others where to stop for a good feed.

    Absolutely fascinating!


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    May 27, 2004
    Pony said<<"They really are active right now! My MIL feeds them religiously, and has actually added a few extra feeders for the migration.">>

    Hi Pony & Y'all,

    They surely are busy. I have out Six, 16 oz. feeders and One 32 oz. feeder.
    I have to fill a couple of them twice a day. I need another 32 oz. feeder, at least.We have the feeders all around the upper deck. We have a walk-out basement and the deck is on the main floor.

    There are times when I have between 40 to 50, at the feeders. Just before dark or as a Storm is blowing in, are the busiest times. I have Never Seen so many Hummingbirds. They are like a swarm of Bees. If you sit out on the deck
    I'm making up 3 gallon of sugar water for them every other day. Yes, that's
    more than 10 pounds of sugar a week. I put 10 1/2 qts. of water in my
    big stock pot and add 3 qts. of Sugar. It makes 12 qts. so that's about
    1 to 3 1/2 or 1 in 4, however you look at it.

    It's funny. The old couple that had the place before we did had feeders everywhere, around the House. But they had been gone and the Place was
    empty for three years when we bought it. The first Summer I only put out
    three feeders, to start. I had no idea. I soon went to 6 feeders.
    In Indianapolis where we'd lived, before, I tried & tried and only managed to get a couple at the feeders.
    Living in the woods, out here, has made a world of difference. Of course the fact that the Old Couple had planted the Place with Honeysuckle, Glads,
    all sorts of Lillies, & other Hummingbird attractors,really brings them here.

    We are just so Blest, by the Gods, to have found this Place to retire to.
    We've named it Hummingbird Hill, as we sit out on a hillside. It has been a bear, fixing it up, though. Spent about half as much as we paid for it. Good thing I'm handy. It keeps me busy.

    Oh, Last year we saw the last one hanging around about the 1st week of October. Bet he had to really fly to catch up. Most of them left a week earler. One day here..........Next day, all gone.

    We have about 30 pairs of Goldfinches around here all year long, too though.
    DSW Sharon says it's a good Hobby for a retired guy, this Bird-feeding.
    I go through about 100# of Seed every other week in Winter too, hunnh.

    Enjoy them while you have them. Nature's Winged Beauty...........
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    Jan 1, 2005
    We had feeders out the year our son was born. My folks came up to visit the next week, and we had hummers who were getting quite territorial over our feeder. They would chase each other away from it. Every time you looked out the window, you could catch them fighting, or playing, whichever it was. Very fun to watch. That was the third week of September. I think they were pretty much gone by the second week of October. No more feeders here. The cats were catching the cute little guys. I felt bad for attracting them here and stopped putting them out.
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    May 10, 2002
    Between Crosslake and Emily Minnesota
    Do hummingbirds have large talons?