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I don;t remember her name, she was about 5 years to my junior, I approached due to the thought that she was the same person I had drove around the week before, hauling a not wished to be associated with (furtherer) cousin.

The association was brief, maybe 4 times we were in each others company. Only once at night. I took her to a place I had ridden my bicycle to many times before, a stream where the tiny fish lingered, very visible. I called her out of my Chevy Impala, she was reluctant to come out, I expect she had thoughts of a drastic change of scenario's. Such was not the case, nor my intentions.

The night association is the one I wish to speak about, the time was not extremely late, 10:30 or so. We sat on the upper level apartment porch, above her aunt's (with flaming red hair) lower level hair salon. I took the single rocking chair, she became perched on my lap due to lack of other facilities.

The situtation had a personnal orientation but realizing in that time such was not appropriate concerning the age difference, nothing happened that would have consequences. I did however breath deeply to her ear. Even placed my tongue on it. She retaliated with a complete earwashing of my ear, I forget which one, but its the experience I am speaking about here, not the geography.

At that time I did realize I too could be a human that felt pleasure, not emotional contact but delight with the presence of another. Female being the preferred.

It was a time of realization that had never been experienced before by me. A life shaping moment. I was back from across the pond and hadn't yet exited the US gestapo, matterances were kept reclused in that time, as was self contained reality. You were part of the machine then.
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