Hubby and I want to raise rabbits for meat

Discussion in 'Rabbits' started by myrandaandkids, Jul 13, 2006.

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    Apr 14, 2006
    we had a friend once who gave us a taste of some fried rabbit she had shot in her field and love the taste, we now have a small family farm and raise a vegtable and herb garden and goats for our own milk and icecream and cheese and meat, and would like to add raising our own rabbit meat, leaning more and more towards selfsefficiancy and enjoying every minute of it, any way we live in northern minnesota and are having trouble finding affordable rabbits to start with in our area, i think i just dont know where to look, any ideas? my sons b-day is in two weeks and of everything we offered him, starting a rabbit herd is what he wanted, (not surprising since his brother wanted no toys, only a pair of pygmy goats), i hadnt intended on doing this so soon but with him asking for it for his birthday, its the perfect time, and much better than buying toys that end up broken, forgotten, or lost. please help if you can.
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    Apr 7, 2005
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    This lists many breeders of the rabbit meat breeds as well as other rabbit breeds and cavies (guinea pigs). There seem to be a few rex rabbit breeders in Minnesota (I am partial to Rex rabbits for meat as I raise them for that myself!) I'm not sure where in the state they are as I am not familiar with city names in Minnesota. Anyway, there are more than just rexes on this site so check it out. Best wishes! (birthday and otherwise)
    ~Carrie C.

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    Check the newspaper want-ads, and see if there is some kind of Thrifty Nickle or Trader's Guide published in your area. Ask your local feed and seed guy if he knows how you could find out who has rabbits for sale. Ask your County Extension Agent. Contact the 4-H clubs in your area. Good luck!
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    Rabbits are such a good project, including 4H, for kids! It's wonderful to hear of children these days more interested in animlas than toys, keep up the good work.

    The Rabbit & Cavy Directory is an fantastic resource. We have a growing Breeder Directory on our rabbitry website as well: There are so many breeds to choose from, it's hard to settle on one. In fact, I've found most breeders have more than one! We have Satins, a meat and fur breed. They are very friendly and sweet natured, easy to breed and are great mothers.

    I would recommend purchasing your stock from a breeder, that way you can be more certain what you are actually getting. Pedigreed stock isn't that much more expensive and if your son wants to show in the future you will need purebreds. Plus, if you have a surplus of kits and not enough room in your freezer, you have a better chance of selling them as brood stock. There are some good books out there, which your library should have. Again, our website has a list of some, I think on the 'Rabbit Care' page. Sorry I don't have them memorized. :)

    In any event, enjoy the process of selection with your son. Rabbits really are fun! I wish you all success on your journey into the wonderful, and addicting, world of rabbits!!! :baby04:
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    Too bad you aren't closer, I am trying to cut back on my Satins. We are near Hendricks, MN. I visit my sister in Fargo once in a while and that is a 3 hour trip. Just in case you will be down south sometime soon or know someone that will be, let me know. I am just asking $5 for young rabbits and $10 for the proven breeders and will deal on multiples.