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My first house I saved $2000 dollars in 1992 and found and old clunker of a dump for $17,000 on a land contract. Payments were about $242 a month. Lived there a year did a small amount of needed repairs. Sold for $4000 down take over payments. Ended up costing me about $50 a month to live there.
Life, jobs, disability ect happened, lived in an apartment for the last five years. Bought a small lot for $2200 cash about three years ago. was going to build on it but while going through the loan process we found a house we liked. Went with a fha program ended up with $842 check at closing. Bought way less house than the mortgage company thought I could afford. So maybe I can afford it. They were willing to loan around $140,000 and We borrowed $86,000. I just put a for sale sign on the lot last week. Property values have shot up and I am hoping to sell the lot for around $8500 ( the vacant lot not the house)
Anyway there are plenty of ways to get onto a peice of property for very little money, If you keep your eyes open.
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