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Initially we started out reading the menu from right to left saving every chance. We have never made a car payment nor have we ever owned a brand new car. I learned to fix nearly everything and seldom every hire a repairman. The first place was bought with only a few hundred down and assuming the mortgage. Paid for the place (fixer upper and 30 acres) in 4 years. Borrowed money on that place and rented the repaired house for income and bought the next place (78) acres. Worked offshore and saved money for a new home, returned and built same with me as the contractor and hiring what I could not do. No debt on the house. Farmed at night and worked public work during the day. Bought more rental property and got a good cash flow, bought more land and went into the tree farming business. Still repeating the process. Oh yes, I gave up the public job.... :) The key to financial success is simple, just spend less than you bring in!
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