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I pissed off the front porch and no one saw me
. . . because it was too far to the outhouse.

And mama taught me to shoot a .22 rifle (single shot) off of the front porch when I was 6 years old.

Pretty sure I was raised rural. It was in a house with no electricity or running water. Heat was a fireplace---and Mama chopped the firewood. She also cooked the food on a wood stove.

We (including my brother, Mama, and Daddy) bathed in a No. 2 zinc tub, but not all at the same time.

Our house was 5 miles from the nearest gravel road and 15 miles from the nearest paved road. And a mile or more to the nearest house (other than my grandfather's house which was 1/4 mile away).

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Had a college friend of my son visiting for a weekend and our discussions drifted over to chamber pots .

Doug-"What was the point?"
Me- "You used it in the middle of the night."
Doug-"Why not just build a bathroom?"
Me-"Indoor plumbing wasn't common. Outhouses were."
Doug-"Why not just go to the outhouse?"
Me-"Outhouses were usually built away from the house for a reason."
Doug-"People didn't want to walk a few feet to the outhouse?"
Me-"Not in the dark no. Remember, no electricity, no flashlights."
Doug-"I would have walked."
Me-"How about in January? How about if you were a woman or child?
What would you do about bears and wolves?"
Doug-"I wouldn't keep a pot and pitcher in my room with pee or poop in it."
Me- "You carried it outside in the morning."
Doug-"I would have dumped it out of the window that night."

I laughed at his solution and we moved on to a class they were both taking on Fluid Dynamics.
City kid.
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