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How to Tame the Newbies

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Hi there!

I just got 3 new rabbits for breeders and have yet to pick them up. I aa wondering what the best way to tame them is. Should I hold them daily right now, talk to them and such when I feed them and slowly work up to it?

They currently are ok when i'm wandering around the cage and talking to them, wary when i open the top to give them grass clippings and downright freaked out when i pet them.

Any suggestions? i haven't had rabbits since I was six so please excuse my lameness!
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What is your pourpose for them? Mest? Selling to the pet trade? Alho I only have a small number of breeders(alays under a dozen), I never have the time to pet more than one. What I would sughest you do, is find one and make a pet out of it, and no more. It also helps with the fact that you will only get attached to one does kits also. lol
I got a new flemish giant Doe about 9 months ago and just this last month have been able to pet her, but I just talked to her for months before trying, now shes calm and friendly. Every one will be different so just do your thing and they will come around, or not. it wont affect their breeding.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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