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Like a lot of people, we had to move an hour outside the city to afford some land. What we paid for our house, we could barely have gotten 1/2 acre on city water with an ok house. Our house could use some updates but great condition, and 9 slopy acres. 2 wells. Goats/ sheep will do well on our land, that's the plan anyhow. My employer will allow me to work from home 4 days a week (as soon as a home position becomes available... soon soon soon), so that played into our decision. I wouldn't have been willing to commute like I am permanently, now that we're out here, I'm thinking it's worth it. We almost bought a very small house on 3/4 acre closer to town on a busy road, only 1 bathroom (for a family of 4). Very glad we backed out.

No car payments, no credit cards, didn't have a huge down payment but in retrospect a bigger down would have saved us a lot of money. We were anxious to get out of our rental, it was really a terrible area. Live on less than you make, don't eat out. Like Dave Ramsey says, rice n beans, beans n rice. Work OT and sell stuff.
1 - 1 of 43 Posts
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