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My husband and I had wanted to buy a place of our own - in the country - for a very long time. But we couldn't afford to do that. We couldn't afford to save up a down payment. We were living paycheck to paycheck most of the time. We also had crappy credit. Finally, we decided that we would cut our expenses to the bare minimum and save whatever we could towards a down payment and get our credit cleaned up - no matter how long it may take. Something strange happened the very month we made that decision.

I saw an ad on craigslist. Actually, I saw TWO ads that were posted by the same person. One was for four acres and a one bedroom cabin, and the other was for four acres and a two bedroom mobile home. The ad said that owner financing was available. I called just to see what the down payment and monthly payment would be for the 2 bedroom. My mother in law moved in with us a couple of years prior to that, so although our children are grown and gone, two bedrooms would be necessary.

The lady I talked to said that someone had already made an offer on the 2 bedroom, but that she had a one bedroom cabin for sale just across the lane from the 2 bedroom. Since this wouldn't be big enough, I thanked her, but just before we hung up, she asked for my name and phone number in case the current deal fell through. I gave it to her, then promptly forgot all about it.

Two weeks later, there was a message on my voice mail from that lady. The deal on the 2 bedroom HAD fallen through. The guy who was planning to buy it was supposed to be transferred to this area by his company, but the transfer did not come through, so he backed out of the sale. The 2 bedroom was available, as was the 1 bedroom across the lane. I didn't call her back...we had decided to save money and clean up the credit.

A week later, my husband said that when we were ready to buy, he would be interested in finding enough land for two houses - one for us, and one for his mom. I mentioned the land with the 2 bedroom and the 1 bedroom. Him and his mother wanted to know why on EARTH I had not called that lady back?!?!

So, to get out of the dog house with them, I immediately called her back, thinking that the 2 bedroom was probably already gone. But it wasn't. Neither was the 1 bedroom. We made an appointment to meet them the following day to look at both properties.

The minute we drove up, I was in love...and everything fell into place. I told her point blank that we had terrible credit. She said credit didn't matter. I told her point blank that we did not have a down payment saved up. She asked me if we would be able to pay a little extra each month for a while to pay out the down payment. Based on the $850 a month payment (which included BOTH properties), I told her we could pay an additional $250 a month. She wanted $3000 down, we settled on $1500. Initially, she wanted $1000 a month on the mortgage...we settled for $850. It somehow all worked out, and we moved in 2 weeks later.

I think it is all just a question of finding the right deal, at the right time. I also believe that God puts you where he wants you when he wants you there :)
1 - 1 of 43 Posts
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