How to artificially inseminate a cow?

Discussion in 'Cattle' started by chma4, May 13, 2006.

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    Hi , My name is Christina and I live in NorthWest NJ.
    I have a heifer, she is almost 18 months old. I want to have her artificially inseminated (possibly to be performed by a freind of mine who used to work for a dairy farm). What is a sure fire way to tell she is ready? I dont want him to have to come more than once to AI. She was mooing and mounting my steer this past week. I think that was her heat. Will she have another in 60 days or is that just an average? After noticing the behavior, how long do i have to get her bred? How long does semen last in a normal freezer? How long does semen last once it is thawed? How do you thaw semen, room temp? Where do you get your semen from? Does anyone out there artificially inseminate there own cows and think its doable , or do I need this freind to do it? Okay, no stupid semen jokes, Im new to AI. I just dont want a bull on my farm.
    Please, any info would help.
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    If she stands still when one of your other bovines of any sex mounts her, she's ready.

    There are 21 days between heats with cattle.

    You've got up to 24 hours I'd say, but less is better.

    Normal freezers are too warm for semen to survive.

    Semen should be used immediately once thawed. Thawing is usually done in a water bath, although some people "pocket thaw". You can buy semen from a service like Genex, or privately from some breeders.

    I would definately get an experienced friend.

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    Hi, I found a website which should answer all your questions about AI. Great site:

    I will be trying AI this year for the first time. There are AI technicians (alot of them) here. They will implant the semen and come to my house for $15. I will be buying a shot from the local vet ($20.00) which will bring her into heat 80-95hrs after the shot (most of the time). I hope this helps....Dennis
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    The 7 stages of heat in a cow.

    1. The cow starts coming into heat. This stage last about 6 to 8 hours. She will mount other cows but will not stand still when mounted.

    2. This stage is standing heat when the cow will stand still while being mounted. This last for about 18 hours and a cow should be breed at the end of this stage.

    3. This is a 10 to 12 hour stage when the cow is going out of heat. She is restless just like when she was coming into heat. This stage is when the egg is released.

    4. This stage last 2 to 3 days and is when the hormones are released to complete the reproductive process if the cow was breed. If she was not breed she will go on to stage 5.

    5. This is when a cow starts preparing for another heat cycle. You may see some blood discharge as the egg and wall is expelled. If you do see blood you can figure the cow was in heat 3 to 4 day earlier.

    6. This is the longest period and when the body is preparing for a new heat.

    7.This is when the cow starts heat again and the time span from stage 1 to 7 should be 18 to 24 days.

    Semen is bought from a semen supply company.

    Semen will last a very long time if frozen in special freezers but not long at all if not. It is defrosted by removing from freezer and walking to the cow with application tool under your arm.

    AI should be done by someone that knows how because it is very precise and nasty (arm up cows butt). Your vet can help you find someone to help in your area.
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    Contact these folks and ask if they have a service technician that works in your area:

    If they do, watch for a "standing" heat 21 days (give or take 2 days) following the heat you observed last week, then call technician and get her done.