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How much to feed lambs

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I've got fair lambs and need to know how much to feed them. I've heard 3% of the their body weight a day, is that true?

I don't want to get them growing too fast right now, but I don't to think that they are hungry. Unfortunately we have a min weigh amount of 85 lbs and that is for May 8 (or near there). One of them weights 70 lbs already.

They are suffolk, there are 5 of them and they were all born in early Feb.

I was thinking a flake of hay and 5 lbs of grain/mix a day until weigh in on May 8 and then bump it up. Is that reasonable? It doesn't seem like enough but when I feed them more, they are always hungry still.

Thanks in advance
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I have never done Fair lambs so I got this info off a Feed site. Was hoping those here that do Fairs, would give some advise.

From 18 Show Lamb..

This is only a guideline, as actual feeding rates will vary according to the desired show weight, age and genetics of the lambs you are feeding. Many people use a very simple program of full feeding 18 SHOW LAMB to about 80-90% of show weight and then they limit feed 2.5 lbs. and topdress with TOPLINE and SHOW PRO. The program below is more complicated, but illustrates the fine tuning you can do with our wide selection of products.
STAGE 1: Full feed(about 3.5 to 4 lbs) of 18 SHOW LAMB #1 + small fistful of good hay + 1-2 oz. SHOW PRO + Topline (if desired). Up to about 80% of show weight
STAGE 2: At 80-90% of show weight- Feed 50% 18 SHOW LAMB #1 and 50% SHOW LAMB 2000 + hay + 1-2 oz. SHOW PRO + 2-4 oz. TOPLINE.
STAGE 3 (Holding): At or very near show weight -Feed 3 lbs. SHOW LAMB 2000 + hay + 2 oz. SHOW PRO + 4-6 oz. TOPLINE.

And a couple of web sites to check out.
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