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how much should my pigs wiegh?

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My pigs where born on april 16. So they are about 3 months and 3 weeks old. They are cross bred pigs , hamshire, yorkshire and duroc we think. I was wondering what they should be wieghing at this time?
Thanks for any help.
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uncle Will in In. said:
119 lb. and 13 oz.
Is that live or hanging :D ?
uncle Will in In. said:
Live with muddy hair.
Would that ''mud'' be wet or dry???????? Some of us really need this info :D
Mr. Wanda
It will be dried mud on the sunny side of the pig and wet mud on the down and dirty side. Of course if he gets a drink before you get him to stand on two bathroom scales at the same time you will need to adjust his weight accordingly. You just might have to pet him a might to get him to cooperate, so be careful not to knock off too much of the dried stuff or you will need to dunk the pig in the mud and start all over.
It has been two days since the original post, so the 5lb and 3oz. the pig has gained it that time will need to be added to get his exact weight today.
Boy oh Boy, that bugger is up to 125 already. better sharpen the butcher knives!
Do the pigs look like they weigh about 130 lb now??
Take a look at those pigs. I figure they should be up around 142lb and 7 ounces this evening. LOL
Do you think your pigs are around 174 pounds now. Gettin' to be purty big chunks ain't they. They ought to be pork chop size in the middle of Oct.

Oh my goodness, my sides hurt.
I am going to split!
Somebody better take a look at them pigs. The bigger one weighs about 198 lb don't he?
Uncle Will
Down here in Central Ill. we had a big frost Sat. night and a freeze warning for tonight :eek: I think the pigs owner is probably to busy sharpening knives to answer your question! Nothing like a good frosty morning to reduce the life span of a good fat hog ;)
Mr Wanda
Wanda, Back in the 50s when airconditioning first began being put in cars, a Kentucky boy got a job in Detroit. He bought a new Buick with air. One weekend he headed back down home. As he was driving the back road to his house on this very hot day, he came up on an old neighbor man. He picked him up and seeing how much he was sweating, he turned te air up full blast. After they had rode about a mile, the old man says, "Let me out!" The boy says, "Why do you want out here in the middle of nowhere?"
The old man answers, "It's turned off so dang cold, I'm goin' back home and butcher a hog!"
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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