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the problem with the OP's bill is that delivery charge. you need to find out what that is and why it's on your bill. i thought at first it must be a payment for installation charges too, if not, it's way out of line for a regular delivery charge.

even if the house is 40 years old, the service could have been moved or upgraded to result in that charge. find out what it is.

the electricity itself doesn't seem that bad for that many people.

if y'all want something to get really fired up should hear what the wholesale costs of power are (what your coop pays for the electricty thet buy, assuming they don't have any generation). it's been a few years since i was buying wholesale power but at that time it could be as low as $18 a megawatt. the highest i ever paid, on behalf of the coop i worked for was $750 a megawatt during a peak-hour curtailment on a hot day. our usual contracted cost was $37 a megawatt.

deregulation is a joke created by the bug guys to make more money. it just doesn't work with electricity to benefit the average consumer. i think they ought to get rid of deregulation and go back to the way it was.

1 - 2 of 64 Posts
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