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Very interesting topic. I have recently been through this and have found the above reply's very interesting. I'll throw my two cents in.

I live in western canada so not sure if it is any different were you live but here we pay .07 cents a KW and our bills were a little high for my likes about $125.00 were it should be around $75.00.

I read my meter #1 and noticed the reading at say 6032 but the hydro company charged me on my last bill 3 weeks earlier for 6455. Why? the bill was an estimate as they only read the meter every 3 months and estimate the rest.

Needless to say with the computer age my reading is now entered on-line every month so I'm not paying any more than we use. Plus when I got my latest bill I looked at it very close and sure enough two errors. First they back dated my last reading as correction to the last bill then estimated me so in fact charged me twice for that month. The second mistake you guys should get a laugh at...
I see at the top of the bill, late charge $2.16 and the figure they used was $0.00 x 1.5% and the the total came out to $2.16, so I asked them how they came to that seeing as my bill was payed on time. Well they were going to credit me after I payed the full balance. Took me 10 mins about to explain I was only going to pay the total less $2.16, forget the credit. Sorry but $2.16 adds up and we are trying to move off the grid...

1 - 1 of 64 Posts
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