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how much grass

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i am moving and the goats new pen has some nice grass. i know goats dont perfer grass but will they eat it as part of their feed. I know they will perfer grain but i sure would like them to eat some grass. thanks.
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Seems to me after 17 years of watching them that they prefer

1.) Woody growth and brush
2.) Weeds
3.) Grass
4.) Clover

but you know, some of those are pretty close preferences. My goats have always seemed to be opportunists, and eat what's there for them. That said, I have a pasture that started out as all weeds, and hardy any grass, IF any. I have run goats on it since 1990, and it is now all grass.

As far as grain, yes, they prefer it over all else, just as a child prefers candy over all else. But just as too much candy isn't good for a child, too much grain isn't good for goats. It would not be a large natural part of their diet, except in very small amounts. My own belief is that is what should be fed, very small amounts, as a supplement only.
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