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How many Toms per Hens?

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I have 3 black spanish hens that have started laying and 2 toms. I plan on having one processed but haven't yet. I saw on Ebay where one seller has 2 toms in per 3 hens to "ensure fertility"
Is that a good idea? Mine have a big pen but they are fighting quite a bit. I have only seen the one tom breed the hens and the other tom knocks him down half the time.
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One good rooster can care for ten hens. Although the roo in most cases will pick out his favorites and breed them more often. Since fertility can last 2 weeks, the roo doesn't need to breed the hen daily. Breeding pens can allow the hens to be introduced for breeding and removed to save her back, so to speak.

One tom per pen once mating season begins. Otherwise the hens can get injured.
I have one tom in with five hens in my bourbon red pen and 100% fertility. No injured hens. Sometimes he breeds them while they are laying on the floor if the don't use the nest box (plastic dog crate on the floor of the pen) and I lose some eggs that way, smashed.
I will be keeping two toms this year after my only tom was killed by a dog that literally broke the latch off the door last winter. Luckily I was able to locate a two year old tom the seems to be getting the job done (he will be going to freezer camp in another couple months).

So the the second tom will be a "backup" on the off chance that one is killed or turns out to be infertile.
Good points, sounds like I need to keep him through breeding season in case something happens with the other tom.
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