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What is a clone machine?? :shrug:

Are your clones kept in a greenhouse or machine, in order for them to root?

This is a little off the topic, but I have a question about irises.

I dug up my irises late summer last year, let dry and put them in brown paper bags and put them in the garden shed.

We are going to be putting this house up for sale soon, that is why I dug them up last year.

My g.grandmother, my grandmother, my mother and myself all had purple irises. That is why I am saving these and taking with me :p to plant at our homestead.

What I am asking is; do I plant the bulbs in the fall? :shrug:

Also, can I separate some of the bulbs that have joined together?

I appreciate it ..thanks
1 - 2 of 45 Posts
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